Ramdev Medicines and yoga for fighting swine flu

Caused by influenza viruses resulting in decreased appetite, barking cough and nasal secretions; Swine Flu, the respiratory disease is quite common across the globe. Fever, fatigue and headache etc are the common symptoms of this disorder that may last for about one week and sometimes for ten days too. Farmers, pork processors and the ones closely associated with pigs are prone to this disease that may lead to pneumonia. Ingestion of droplets containing virus during coughing and sneezing are responsible for this disease. Use of traditional or allopathic medicines may sometimes lead to side effects rather than giving good results. It is the reason that the patients now prefer ayurvedic medicines.

Ramdev has developed the following wonderful medicines

  • Sanjivani Vati – This is a perfect combination of herbal components that are mixed in apt proportions. It is able to fight the symptoms of flu, fever and cold. Immune system is strengthened in a big way that in turn fights various diseases including this one. No reoccurrence of the disease is experienced by the users. They are at zero risk as this remedy is free from any harmful chemicals, disease causing agents or foreign substances.
  • Divya Madhu Nashini – This is another great medicine that helps to remove irritation and weakness. Capacity of our immune system and brain also goes up in considerable manners and it is able to kill the symptoms of various diseases. Those suffering from numbness of feet and hands are able to get rid of the same. Nervous system is also empowered with this medicine that fights swine flu. Problems including weakness, exhaustion and tension are also removed.

Swami Ramdev has introduced Chyawanprash that also acts like a strong tonic for our physique. This formulation rejuvenates and empowers the brain. Physical and mental weakness is treated well. The lungs and heart work in perfect manners. Bronchitis, phlegm and cough are also got rid of with even use of Chyawanprash that is a great healer. Divya Giloy Sat is also quite useful in fighting swine flu. It is able to clear the stomach and remove constipation and rejuvenates the users. Abdominal pain, heaviness, nausea and flatulence are also fought well.

Home remedies – Following natural methods also work wonders:

  • Throat and lungs can be cleared by taking few Tulsi leaves in the morning. Immune system can be strengthened to fight infection.
  • Boil some Tulsi leaves and a small branch of giloi in hot water for about twenty minutes so that their properties are extracted. Add black pepper and black salt and take the decoction for good results.
  • Garlic is another great herb that may be swallowed with lukewarm water for strengthening our immunity.
  • Milk is also good for the patients suffering from swine flu.
  • Aloe Vera also works wonders.

Yoga and physical activities – Say NO to swine flu by getting involved in yoga asana and other physical actions. Go for long walks and swimming. Perform pranayam on daily basis. Body’s resistance against various diseases attacking our throat, nose and lungs goes up.