Ramdev formulations and yoga for fighting extra fat

Obesity, i.e., extra weight of our bodies not only causes inconvenience but may also leads to complications if not treated in time. Millions of people suffering from this disorder find it difficult to carry their own fatty bellies that hang and induce others to laugh at these heavy weight guys. Difficulty in easy movements is another big problem with such people most of whom stick to allopathic or traditional treatments. Few of such remedies unfortunately lead to side effects rather than giving fruitful results. It is the reason that ayurvedic system of medicines is becoming more and more popular.

Swami Ramdev who has been working for the welfare of the humanity has introduced many formulations for the fatty guys. Following are the most effective amongst them:

  1. Triphala Guggul – This is the best Patanjali medicine for the people that are challenged with extra fat and intend weight loss in effective manners. This healthy and natural product works wonders. Triphala Guggul helps in igniting the digestive fire and maintaining fat to the desired levels. Even use of this herbal product cuts down unwanted weight without putting any side effects. Available in the form of tablets, capsules or powder; it may be taken twice a day with warm water or milk.
  2. Aloe Vera Juice – This is another top ayurvedic medicine gifted by Swami Ramdev who has focused his attention on effective weight loss Prepared with aloe vera as the major ingredient, this juice works wonders. Enriched with the specific gel, aloe vera leaves help in fighting skin and digestive tract problems. Empowered with vitamins A, B and E, this juice helps in maintaining our weight to make us slim and smart enough without causing any side effects. Excessive fat is burnt in reliable manners. This juice may be taken with plain water to get good results. It is helpful in fighting foreign agents and detoxifying the body to remove chemicals and other wastages that are behind extra fat.

Divya Medohar Vati and Divya Peya Herbal Tea are also other remedies since introduced by Swami Ramdev. These two formulations work wonders in saying NO to extra weight and facilitate effective weight loss to much extent.

Fighting extra weight at home – Faster and better results can be gained by avoiding eggs, meat, alcohol and smoking. Cold, spicy, oily and junk foods should just be kept at distance. One should remain active at all times. Add fruit juices and green leafy vegetables to your daily diets. Take plenty of water a day to detoxify your body and remove the wastes and fight fat.

Physical work and yoga – We see that the guys that remain inactive usually carry extra weight. Same is true with the ones that sit in comfortable seats or live lavishly. Going for hard work, long walks, swimming and getting involved in yoga asana is the most effective weight loss technique. It helps in shedding the unwanted fat that is behind extra weight.