Preventing Dengu with Ramdev treatment and yoga

Dengu, the most dreadful disease took many lives in the past. Its ill effects have affected the patients in bad manners. Most of the sufferers take the allopathic or traditional medicines few of which often result in side effects. It is the reason that they now prefer ayurvedic medicines that work wonders. Not only relief from the disease, but empowerment and rejuvenation are the features of this system of medicines.

Baba Ramdev who has devoted himself for the cause of the masses has introduced the following unique formulations for the dengu patients:

  • Giloy Ghan Vati (Divya) – This is a wonderful treatment to cure the ailment. The patients are treated in natural manners without being affected with any adverse impacts upon their physique. It is useful in killing the symptoms of unknown fever, throat infection, sneezing, coughing and body aches. Those affected with decreased number of platelet must try this medicine that works wonders. It is helpful in rejuvenating the body system in powerful manners. The users are at zero risk because this herbal remedy is able to improve the immune system that in turn fights dengu and other diseases.
  • Giloy Sat (Divya) – This is another most effective remedy that is derived from the dried herb. Known as Guduchi Ghana Satva or Giloy Satva, it is a fine powder that works in miraculous manners. Used since centuries, it strengthens the body against infection, fights the foreign bodies that are responsible for dengu. Conditions including general debility, dyspepsia and swine flu get rid of with its use. Those suffering from recurrence of malaria or other diseases must try Giloy Sat.

Treating dengu naturally – This ailment can be cured well with the following home remedies too:

  1. Pomegranates – Problems including deficiency of red blood cells and anemia can be got rid of with its even use. Platelets count can also be increased in a big way.
  2. Aloe Vera – This is another effective remedy to treat dengu in effective manners. Rich in vitamins and minerals, Aloe Vera is much effective for digestion and detoxification. This natural antibiotic, anti fungal and antibacterial herb improves our immunity that in turn fights various diseases including dengu.
  3. Wheat grass – This is one of the most powerful herbs that helps in increasing red blood cells, potassium and electrolyte that keep us fit in all respects. Available in the form of juice, powder and raw; wheat grass works wonders.

Tulsi, Figs, Raisins, inner bark of neem, rasont and plain old water are also quite effective in killing the symptoms of dengu. Taking fibre rich diets and including green leafy vegetables / fresh juices is good. Avoid taking the spicy / oily / junk foods that aggravate the disease.

Yoga and exercising – Those suffering from dengu must perform yoga asana and get involved in physical activities. These two habits are helpful in removing the harmful chemicals from our bodies and detoxify blood. Its circulation is improved that is much helpful.