Kidney Stone

Drinking plenty of water in routine is said to be very much important for overall health of the body as per medical science. It is because body remains properly hydrated. Also it aids in natural detoxification of the body. Do you know some of the most painful and sometimes serious health issues can even be prevented by keeping your body hydrated? One such issue is kidney stones. It is a problem that is commonly found in such people who drink less water. The reason is that wastes and toxins keep on accumulating in the body in the absence of adequate amount of water. As a result of this, the stones are formed inside the kidneys.

Some other factors are equally responsible for occurrence of kidney stones. Excess of some minerals in the body is one more important reason for occurrence of stones in the kidneys. The wastes and toxins get crystallized and take the form of stones. These hard structures start causing problems in normal process of detoxification through urine. Pain is the major discomfort that is caused due to kidney stones. In addition to this, the patient may also find problems in urination. Also urinary tract infections become quite common. All these symptoms demand immediate and efficient treatment of this problem.


How are kidney stones treated?


Generally, surgery is performed to remove stones from the kidneys. Alternatively, such medicines are administered to the patients that help in dissolution of the stones for their easy removal from the body. The latter option seems to be a better one as it is free from any side-effects or adverse effects. Also it helps in stone removal in non-surgical and natural manner.


Herbal medicines are best option in this regard as these are totally risk-free. Unlike other medicines or drugs herbal medicines don’t cause any harm to the body in any ways. For this reason, Baba Ramdev Ji has introduced a unique health pack for kidney stones. It is a set of some of the most excellent herbal constituents that are found to be effective in the treatment and prevention of kidney stones in a natural and effective manner.


What is Ramdev health pack for kidney stones comprised of?


This health pack is comprised of following herbal medicines or formulations.


  • Ashmari har ras
  • Gokshuradi guggul
  • Punarnavadi mandoor
  • Vrikk dosh har vati
  • Vrikk dosh har kwath
  • Hajral yahul bhasam

These are all rich in medicinal properties and thus aid in eradication of stones from the kidneys in a dependable manner.


Usefulness of Ramdev health pack for kidney stones


The combination of herbal formulas used in Ramdev health pack for kidney stones is just unique. All these work in an excellent natural way so that stones may be removed easily and successfully from the kidneys. This in turn rules out the need to perform surgeries for the purpose of kidney stone removal. It is useful in several ways for the patients as follows.


  1. The patient feels relieved of pain in the abdomen region. It is due to analgesic effect exhibited by some of the best herbs contained in this health pack.
  2. The stones present in the kidneys start dissolving as soon as the medicine is started.
  • Following complete dissolution of the stones these are excreted out of the body along with urine.
  1. Problems experienced by the patient in urination are also got ridden of.
  2. It allows patient to urinate in an unobstructed way.
  3. Also pain caused in the genitals during urination is soothed.
  • Similarly, other problems that arise during urination are also managed very effectively. It soothes down the burning sensation, irritation, itching and other discomforts during urination.
  • The kidneys are made to work in an excellent and most optimal way.
  1. Recurrence of urinary tract infections is also prevented. Also the urinary tract is saved against frequent attack of infections.
  2. The natural body immunity is improved so that the patient may be able to fight off infectious diseases related to the urinary system and kidneys in an improved way.
  3. The functions of the urinary system are improved to offer desired results to the patients.
  • The kidneys are well-nurtured so that these may keep on performing their respective tasks effectively.
  • Recurrent fevers in the patient are also prevented.
  • All the signs and symptoms produced by kidney stones on the body are eradicated. At the same time, this herbal remedy also ensures prevention of the recurrence of symptoms.
  1. The patient is saved against the ill-effects of surgeries as it allows patient to get recovered from this condition without the need to perform surgeries.
  • Also the kidneys are saved against any damages that may be caused due to presence of stones therein.


Patients may assure overall good health and normal functions of the kidneys by using this wonderful herbal solution.