Divya Makardhwaj (For Aphrodisiac, Chest Infections)


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Present day diet and lifestyle is such that it is very difficult to enjoy good health. It is because now people are relying on unhealthy foods. At the same time, lack of physical activity has made the condition worse. That is why most people may be seen suffering from one health issue or the other. Divya Makar Dhwaj is an ayurvedic formulation that aids in tackling different health problems safely and appropriately.


  • It nourishes the heart so as to optimize its functions and prevent numerous health issues.
  • Different types and natures of fevers can be cured effectively.
  • It is rich in anti-ageing action and hence prevents Chest infections, premature ageing of the skin and hairs.
  • It improves natural body immunity to keep body free of infectious diseases.

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