Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati (For Respiratory infections, Anti-Fever)


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Prepared from Holy Basil as its chief constituent, Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati is beneficial for overall body health. It is good for immunity enhancement and hence keeps body safe against various types of infections. It is rich in multiple medicinal properties that help in promoting overall body health naturally.

Following are the chief advantages of Divya Tulsi Ghan Vati.

  1. It protects body against recurring attacks of cold, cough, fever etc.
  2. Natural body immunity is improved.
  3. It promotes good health of the skin.
  4. It purifies blood.
  5. It is equally good for joints.
  6. Any types of irritation, itching or inflammation are soothed down.
  7. It fights off infections very well.

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