Health Pack For Jaundice


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Improper and abnormal functioning of the liver cells results in jaundice. Mostly jaundice appears as a symptom of some other serious issues relevant to the liver including cirrhosis of liver, enlarged liver, liver infections, fatty liver, etc. Increased level of bilirubin content in the blood is chiefly responsible for occurrence of jaundice. It is due to destruction of red blood cells at faster pace. Owing to same reason, people suffering from jaundice suffer from yellowness of the skin, white of eyes and the mucus membranes.

Causative agents

  1. Extreme physical activity
  2. Lack of physical activity
  3. Alcohol consumption
  4. Stress, tension, depression
  5. Intake of oily, greasy, heavy, salty, alkaline, penetrating and very hot foods
  6. Day time sleeping
  7. Suppression of natural body urges such as sneezing, urination and passing of stools

Health pack for Jaundice

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