Divya Tankan bhasm for cough and bronchitis


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People suffering from different types of hair issues may use Divya Tankan bhasm so as to get rid of their respective hair problems. Different types of herbal constituents present in this wonderful remedy help in promoting healthy hair growth and prevent numerous hair problems.


  1. Hair loss, hair fall and dandruff are prevented naturally.
  2. Premature greying of hairs is also prevented.
  3. Hairs are strengthened from their roots.
  4. Scalp is also nourished.
  5. It repairs damaged hairs.
  6. Hairs are also nourished so as to promote their good health naturally.
  7. It is suitable for men as well as women.
  8. Hairs are imparted a wonderful glow and shining so as to make them look beautiful.

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