Divya Kesh Taila (Hair fall / Dandruff Care)


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The Divya Kesh Tail is an herbal hair oil with a difference. Normally hair oils contain several chemicals in the guise of additives and other stuff that is added into them for color, fragrance, etc. But the Divya Kesh Tail is without any chemical additives. Not even a trace of anything synthetic can be found in this oil which is made of pure herbs such as brahmi, kamala, daru-haridra, kamala, ketaki, nilini, and many others. Each of these is an herb found commonly in the Indian jungles. These have been carefully collected and their oil is extracted, which forms each bottle of this herbal oil.

The Divya Kesh Tail helps in the solution of several hair-related problems, some of which are:-

  • Hair fall
  • Dandruff
  • Baldness
  • Early graying of hair.

What Can the Divya Kesh Tail Do for You?

Before staring out with a regular program with the Divya Kesh Tail, it is imperative for you to understand all the things that it can do for you. Here is a list.

  • The Divya Kesh Tail has several herbs that have high vitamin E content. Vitamin E is needed to make the hair long, lustrous, and luxuriant. By using this oil regularly, your crowning glory enhances both its health and appearance.
  • Not just the hair, the Divya Kesh Tail may also be beneficial for the good health of the other nearby parts of the body such as the brain and the eyes.
  • The brain can get regularly stressed out due to several tensions. This oil helps in soothing the brain and bringing its temperature down.
  • It is also very helpful when headaches strike. Regular use of the product, people can actually get completely rid of headaches.
  • Regular use also boosts the immunity of the body. Due to this the person does not suffer from simple ailments. Things like ulcers, common colds, fevers, digestive problems, etc. are kept at bay.
  • In fact, Divya Kesh Tail may also be beneficial for epileptic patients. Using this can prevent such seizures completely.

Divya Kesh Tail and Children

One of the major problems most parents face today is that their children are not able to concentrate on their studies. Coupled with this is the lack of a discipline to study. Children are more interested in things that do not have priority in their lives.

However, all these issues can be addressed by using the herbal agency of Divya Kesh Tail. This product has immune boosters and antioxidants which even help in improving the mental capacity of the child.

Children who have begun using this oil regularly find that they improve in their lessons at school and are also able to perform better.

So, if you are constantly stressed and reach home after a hard day’s work, then a massage on the scalp with this oil could be very rejuvenating.

Being completely natural there are no side-effects. The oil is meant to be rubbed directly into the scalp just as one would do with any normal oil, to experience the benefits of it.


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