Package of Medicine For Diabetes


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Commonly referred to as high blood sugar, diabetes is a disorder of the beta cells of the pancreas. Under this condition, the beta cells of pancreas are unable to secrete required amount of insulin hormone. This hormone is chiefly responsible for conversion of blood glucose or sugar into energy. Due to absence of or low level of this hormone, the glucose or sugar present in the blood is not converted into energy. Hence the patient suffers from physical weakness, tiredness and exhaustion.


  1. Diabetes may be caused due to-
  2. Low body immunity
  3. Nutritional deficiencies in the diet
  4. Inactivity
  5. Improper working of pancreatic beta cells
  6. Excessive body weight
  7. Genetic factors
  8. Environmental factors
  9. Intake of poisonous foods
  10. Administration of certain medicines or drugs

Package of Medicine For Diabetes

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