Divya Dant Manjan (For Healthy teeth and gum)


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Divya Dant Manjan is a purely herbal tooth powder that is highly acclaimed for its holistic approach at dental cleaning. The herbs used in this powder are carefully selected among those with age-old reputation for maintaining optimal dental hygiene and health. Regular use of the Divya Dant Manjan can relieve people of dental and gum problems and can also help in keeping the teeth looking good for a long time to come, even in old age.

Who Is Divya Dant Manjan Good for?

Divya Dant Manjan is good for people of all ages. It can be used with great benefits by children as well as older persons. In fact, it is essential to start with this tooth powder as early as possible. This makes the teeth stronger right from a younger age, and gives them a protection that lasts for a lifetime. Remember that dental problems are mostly irreversible. So if you already get caries or something like that, it will be impossible to bring that lost tooth back. However, using healthy measures such as these could prevent your teeth from deteriorating.

Health uses of Divya Dant Manjan

Since Divya Dant Manjan is a tooth powder, its benefits are felt by the teeth, gums, and associated parts of the body. Here we make a list of these.

  1. The most important aspect is dental hygiene. Regular use of Divya Dant Manjan may make your teeth whiter and cleaner.
  2. It may give good results inhalitosis, i.e. bad breath.
  3. You may not suffer from the sour taste in the mouth that occurs if you haven’t eaten anything for a long time.
  4. It prevents dry mouth.
  5. It may be helpful in prevention of dental caries and cavities. Teeth become stronger and such problems are drastically reduced.
  6. It also greatly benefits the gums. The herbs used in this are vital for proper gum health, and as gums hold the roots of the teeth, good gum health translates into good dental health.
  7. It can improve the strength of teeth in older persons and prevent them from falling off.
  8. It prevents the occasional painful inflammation of teeth.
  9. It prevents toothache, especially in children.
  10. In people who smoke and chew tobacco, teeth get stained. These stains are usually permanent. But the regular use of Divya Dant Manjan has been found to discolor these stains and make teeth white once again.

Antibacterial Properties

Most of the oral problems occur because of the presence of the bacteria in the mouth. We cannot do anything about these bacteria because they are everywhere in the environment around us. When we consume food, especially sweet food, these bacteria infiltrate our mouth and begin decomposing the food particles that get lodged between the spaces of the teeth. This is what gives rise to all the dental problems.

Each of the herbs that are present in Divya Dant Manjan is carefully selected for its unique properties. They have antibacterial properties. Hence, using this tooth powder introduces healthy natural antibacterial agents in the mouth that can combat these bacteria. That’s the main reason why this product works so well — it nips the problem in the bud.

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