Yoga and Ramdev’s products for treating Dengu

Dengu, the most dreadful disease has taken millions of lives across the globe. It damages the body cells and puts the patients to great inconvenience by weakening them in a big way. Thousands of pepole die every year just due to dengu and malaria, the harmful ailments. Use of over-the-counter and traditional medicines may not be as helpful as few of them often result in side effects. It is the ayurvedic medicines and Ramdev remedies in particular that work wonders in eliminating the symptoms of dengu.

Effective products by Ramdev – Following two most effective formulations since gifted by the Yoga Guru have become much popular amongst the dengu patients:

  1. Giloy Ghan Vati – This is the most excellent Ramdev product that is prepared by mixing Giloy as the major ingredient. A fine blend of only the herbal components, this medicine works wonders. No side effects are reported with its even use. The users are at zero risk and get rid of dengu and malaria by taking this medicine in regular manners.
  2. Giloy Sat – As the name itself suggests, this wonderful product by Swami Ram Dev is the most effective formulation. It not only eliminates the symptoms of dengu but also strengthens the immune system that in turn fights various diseases. The people that take it in regular manners are empowered to say NO to dengu in consistent manners.

The above two and other products since gifted by Swami Ram Dev work wonders in giving excellent relief from swine flu, bird flu, throat infection, coughing, sneezing and body aches etc. Patients suffering from skin diseases, fever and damaged body systems are rejuvenated with regular use of the abvoe products. Platelet count can be increased to great extent with even use of Ramdev products that empower the patients in a big way.

Home Remedies – Those suffering from dengu must try the following natural treatments that work wonders:

  1. Take aloe vera juice that treats the disease in reliable manners. Ill effects of the disease are got eliminated in effective ways with its regular use.
  2. Guduchi stem powder also gives excellent relief.
  3. Papaya is another good product that works wonders if its juice is taken on regular basis. Platelets count in our blood goes up to much extent with even use of papaya. It acts like a strong booster.
  4. Pomegranates also play key role in improving the immune system. Disease-fighting capabilities of the patients get boosted and they are able to say NO to dengu and other ailments.
  5. Wheat grass is another effective home remedy that gives excellent resutls to the users. Enriched with fibres, minerals and vitamins; this herb helps easy digestion, improves red blood cells growth and blood circulation too. Availale in juice, powder and raw forms; wheat grass gives excellent results.
  6. Using Tulsi also acts like a strong medicine as regards elimination of dengu symptoms.
  7. Figs and Raisins also provide good relief from dengu.

Yoga – Swami Ramdev suggests performing yoga asana and physical exercises that help in removal of wastages from our body. Candidly, it is the build up of harmful chemicals and other damaging contents in our body that is affercted with dengu. Getting engaged in yoga and bodily actions is much helpful in saying NO to dengu symptoms.

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