How to increase sperm count

How-to-increase-sperm-countSemen, the white or grey liquid contains millions of sperms in the males. The sperms are meant for reproduction of offspring. Penetration of sperms into the female reproductive tract is the process whereby the children take birth. Considerable numbers of sperms in the semen are a must for all men. Few of them suffer from low sperm count because of tight underpants, sitting for prolonged hours and bathing in too hot water. Overweight may also result in low sperm count. Smoking and excessive drinks may also lead to these sexual disorders in the men. Deficiency of zinc, infections in the prostate, over exertion and anabolic steroid use may also be the causes of low sperm count in the men.

Men suffering from low sperm count may adopt the following methods to increase the same:

  1. Limited sex and abstinence from masturbation is good for the men that are affected with low sperm count.
  2. Alcohol and tobacco may be used in moderate manners. Both of them affect the liver function and rise in estrogen levels. Production of sperm is badly affected due to these two habits.
  3. Regular exercises are good for the men that are affected with low sperm count.
  4. Healthy diets containing nutrients are good. Food with less fat and high protein may be taken. Whole grains and vegetables are good for the men that intend to increase their sperm count. Astringent, bitter and spicy foods must be avoided. Taking caffeine in excessive manners is harmful.
  5. Wearing loose cotton clothes is good. It reduces the heating effect on the testicles. Loose boxer shorts are good.
  6. Hot baths and saunas must be avoided.
  7. Say NO to excessive weight that may result in loss of sperm count in the men.
  8. Staying away from stress is good. Relaxation techniques are much helpful in this regard. Meditation and Yoga are good.
  9. Blood circulation may be improved by massaging the body with good herbal oil. It is good for the men’s sperm count.
  10. Taking supplements is good. Natural herbal ones are good as they do not put any side effects.
  11. Sperm levels are usually highest in the mornings. As such making love during this period and in the afternoon is good.
  12. Considerable use of Shilajeet and Musli Pak is beneficial for the men to increase their sperm count.
  13. Making lifestyle changes is also good for increasing the sperm count in the men. They should focus on simple living and high thinking.
  14. Regular intake of vitamins and fertility supplements is good.
  15. Abstinence from drugs is beneficial. Those taking marijuana or cocaine must avoid the same as they damage the sperms.

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