Home Remedies for Piles / Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids pilesPiles are medically known as hemorrhoids. About 75% of the overall population suffers from them. People between the age group of 45 and 65 are mostly affected by this disease. Constipation, obesity, family history and a low fiber diet are the main causes of piles.

Some of the common symptoms of this condition are blood clots, lumps around the anus, bleeding during bowel movements and irritation near the anus. There are several home remedies which are very effective that we can try to bring the situation under control. Here we will see such effective home remedies for piles.

Home Remedies for Piles

  • Ice: Applying ice over the affected area for about 10 minutes can give soothing effect. We will need to do it several times throughout the day in order to reduce the inflammation and the swelling. The piles will go away slowly.
  • Aloe Vera: In case of external hemorrhoids, we can apply aloe vera gel on the affected area and massage gently. It will not only give relief from pain but will also reduce the infection. Aloe vera leaves can be cut into stripes, stored into refrigerator and then these stripes can be placed over the painful piles to reduce the burning pain.
  • Lemon Juice: Lemon juice can strengthen the blood vessel walls and the capillaries and give relief from piles. One cotton ball can be dipped into lemon juice and can be applied on the hemorrhoids. Initially, it may cause mild tingling or burning but soon there will be relief. We can also mix one teaspoon of lemon juice in one cup hot milk and drink it. We can also mix lemon juice, mint juice, ginger juice and honey together and consume it daily.
  • Olive Oil: It has anti-inflammatory properties and is very effective in treating external hemorrhoids. We can consume one teaspoon of olive oil daily that will help in increasing the elasticity of the blood vessels. Plum leaves can be crushed and mixed with little olive oil; this mixture then can be applied directly on the painful area.
  • Almond Oil: Like olive oil, almond oil too has healing properties in treating external hemorrhoids. A cotton ball dipped in almond oil can be placed over the infected region for some time. It will reduce the inflammation and relieve the burning and the itching sensations.

Benefits of Divya Arshkalp Vati

Divya Arshkalp Vati is a special herbal formulation for treating hemorrhoids. It is made of natural herbs and is devoid of any side effects. The recommended dosage is two tablets in the mornings and two in the nights, with a glass of hot milk. Here, we list some of its benefits.

  • It gives instant relief from pain and the inflammation the swollen veins.
  • It reduces the stiffness of the rectum and gives relief from burning pain.
  • It strengthens the veins and gives speedy recovery from the pain.
  • It is best medicine to treat diarrhea and dysentery.
  • It removes toxins from the body and improves the digestion of the body.
  • It prevents surgery and helps in getting natural cure from piles.

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