Tips to lose weight in ten days

weight-lossExcessive weight is quite common amongst millions of persons across the globe. Many of the sufferers generally opt for traditional teatments few of which sometimes result in side effects.

Following tips can go a long way in shedding extra weight to much extent:

  1. Intake of fiber – Fiber rich foods are good to say NO to extra fat in the body. Soluble fibers are easily dissolved in water and result in a gel like substance that is good for digestion. Overeating is prevented with such foods that help in saying NO to obesity.
  2. Treat constipation – Those suffering from constipation must take preventive measures. Toxic and waste components get buildup in the body because of constipation that is the major culprit behind excessive weight.
  3. Avoid junk foods – Junk foods like sausages, burgers and pizza etc do not have any nutritive components in them. They increase fat and result in extra weight. Processed and fast foods may be tasty but may lead to formation of fat in the body.
  4. Take soy protein – Weight can be reduced to great extent by taking this protein that is derived from the plants. Adding it to your diet is good to say NO to extra weight from our body.
  5. Protein Meal – Take meals that are rich in protein as they help in promoting weight loss in a big way. It may be added to your dinner and breakfast. Salads and shakes are good for fatty chaps.
  6. Low-Calorie foods – Excessive weight can be lost in ten days by taking boiled food. Sweet foods rich in fats may be avoided.
  7. Avoid food cravings – Avoid taking snacks or foods when you are eager for the same. Take plenty of water to discourage the eagerness.
  8. Take sprouts – Taking boiled sprouts is good as they are rich in nutrients but low in calories. Such eatables are good for reducing extra weight.
  9. Maximum three meals a day – A daily routine of three meals a day is good. It helps in saying NO to extra weight as excessive food is the culprit behind it.
  10. Simple exercises and yoga asana – Extra weight can be lost on immediate basis by adopting simple exercises. Swimming and long walks are good. Yoga asana are also beneficial for the fatty chaps.
  11. Taking fruits – Fruits with high water but low calories in them are good. Regular intake is good.
  12. Avoid carbonized drinks – Beverages and carbonized drinks result in extra fat. Avoid taking them in excessive manners. Take green tea, tender coconut water or lime juice instead.
  13. Avoid red meat, rice, sugar and salt – Excessive intake of these eatables is not good as they result in extra weight. Take them in moderate manners.
  14. Maintain sugar level – Sugar levels may be maintained at reasonable levels.

The above simple tips can work wonders in reducing one’s extra weight within few days.

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