How to prevent leakage of semen in the urine

Semen leakage in the urine is a common problem with thousands of males in the world. This problem may arise after ejaculation and other reasons. Those affected with fatigue, backache, pelvic cavity cramps, loss of hair, premature ejaculation or paining testicles may be suffering from this sexual disorder. Excessive masturbation may also lead to semen leakage in the urine.

Following measures can be fruitful in controlling this sexual disorder in the men :

  1. Avoid too much masturbation that is the major culprit behind semen leakage in the urine.
  2. The best home remedy to avoid this problem is soaking in a warm bath for about fifteen minutes. The process may be repeated twice a week.
  3. Wearing tight garments must be avoided.
  4. Foods enriched with aphordisic features are good.
  5. Spicy foods must be kept at great distance.
  6. NF cure capsules may be taken on regular basis. It helps the patients to great extent. It is useful as a potent herbal supplement that improves libido and sexual stamina of the men. It helps in strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system.
  7.  Manage your blood sugar levels at reasonable amounts to avoid semen leakage in the urine.
  8. Men suffering from this sexual disorder should avoid sleeping in positions that put pressure on their reproductive organs.
  9. Tight underpants should be avoided by the patients. They should wear loose under garments instead. Such inner wears help in maintaining right atmosphere.
  10. Men suffering from leakage of their semen in the urine must take fiber rich diets. They help to cool down the reproductive system in even manners.
  11. Those affected with this problem should avoid taking drinks and smoking cigarettes. These two habits aggravate the problem to much extent. Staying away from these two is helpful. Smoking and alcoholism may lead to less production of semen that is a must for the men to produce children.
  12. Taking fruit juices is good. These juices work wonders in saying NO to leakage of semen in the urine.
  13. Taking herbal medicines is good rather than sticking to the conventional types of treatments. The latter may put side effects.
  14. Staying idle for prolonged hours is not good. Men should get engaged in physical work and exercises. Morning and evening walks and swimming are good for the patients that intend to increase the semen and avoid its leakage in the urine.
  15. Yoga asana are also useful for the men that suffer from leakage of semen in their urine.
  16. Excessive sexual intercourse should also be avoided by the men as it may also lead to leakage of semen in their urine.

The above simple tips can be helpful in preventing leakage of semen in the urine.

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