Kill swine flu symptoms with medication and yoga

Swine flu may be termed as the disorder related with our respiratory system. Mostly caused due to influenza virsuses since responsible for infecting the respiratory tract leading to decreased appetite, barking cough, nasal secretions and other disordersl; swine flu is a dreadful disorder. Use of over-the-counter / traditional / allopathic medicines may cause complications. Patients now prefer the ayurvedic system of medicines that has introduced different medications for treating swine flue in reliable manners. No side effects are reported with its even use.

Ramdev’s products – Yoga Guru has introduced the following wonderful formulations for swine flu:

  1. Sanjivani Vati – It is a great medicine that treats swine flu in effective manners. Flu, fever and cold etc get rid of with its even use. It is able to combat recurrence of this disorder that is quite alarming. Even use of this Vati works wonders in giving excellent results to the users. They are at zero risk while few traditional medicines may cause side effects upon our bodies. No inconenience is causd even if this medicine is taken in big quantities or for prolonged periods. Regular use gives excellent results. The users feel rejuvenated and empowered.
  2. Divya Giloyghan Vati – This is another great medicine that works wonders by giving sufficient relief to the patients. They feel strengthened as their immune system get improved in a big way. The patients do not feel any inconvenience as the rich contents of herbal components in this product are free from any damaging particles. Even use of this product by Ramdev works wonders. Other effective products by Ramdev include Divya Giloy Sat or Guduchi or Tinospora or Amrita.

Treat swine flu naturally – Taking Tulsi (medicinal name as Ocimum sanctum or Basil in English) leaves after washing on daily basis in the early mornings gives excellent relief from swine flu. Likewise using camphor (kapoor in Hindi) if used once or twice a month gives excellent relief. It may be swallowed by adults by taking water while the children may be administered the same with banana or potatoes. Using garlic in its raw form in the morning is quite helpful. Lukewarm water may be used. Garlic is helpful in improving our immune system. Taking hot or lukewarm milk each night also protects the patients from swine flu. Small quantity of haldi may be mixed well in the milk before taking it. Citrus fruits, enriched with vitamin C are quite good for the swine flu patients. They should take fresh amla on daily basis.

Physical exercising – Getting engaged in pranayam on daily basis under the guidance of experienced yoga professionals is good for the patients. They are advised to go for long walks / swimming / cycling and other major physical actions, says the yoga guru. Jogging is also good. Keeping one’s throat and lungs in good postures and body in fine fettle is quite effective in saying NO to swine flu. Washing your hands with soap and warm water before / after meals / doing other such tasks is recommended to say NO to swine flu, the most terrible ailment.

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