What do you know about female period problem?

Get Rid Of Irregular Periods ProblemMenstrual cycles or commonly called as periods are an important part of women’s life. It is because periods have a direct role to play in reproduction process. That is why most women need to have normal and regular periods. Regretfully, large numbers of women suffer from problems in their menstrual cycles. Female period problem has now become common due to stressful lifestyle and wrong habits. This in turn gives rise to other health issues too. Even problems start arising in the reproduction as well. Some of the commonly experienced period problems are as mentioned below.

Menorrhagia- It is one among the commonly experienced female period problem. It is also called as heavy periods in the language of layman. Under this condition, there is excessive blood flow. There is so much bleeding that normal activities are also affected adversely. Even there may be soaking of clothes and the bed clothes too. Some women may even pass clots while bleeding. Due to excessive bleeding, women suffering from menorrhagia have to change sanitary napkins more often all through the day.

Irregularity of periods– Occasional irregularity of periods is quite common in most women however it is a matter of worry if this problem is experienced more often. It is because irregularity of periods interferes with normal reproduction process too. It is particularly true for young women and girls who have to pass through reproduction process.

Dysmenorrhoea- Also called as painful periods, it is again a common problem in large section of women. Under this condition, there is severe pain in the abdomen and legs. Some women may even complain of headache and heaviness of the head. Pain is experienced differently by different women.

Amenorrhoea– It implies absence of menstrual periods in women. Although stoppage of periods is quite common at menopause and during pregnancy however some young women or girls may experience this problem under normal circumstances too or even when the age for menopause has yet not been reached. Mostly, hormonal imbalance, extreme stress, losing weight and unlimited exercising or certain physical issues may cause amenorrhoea. Some girls may not experience periods even at the age of 16 or after that.

Abnormal bleeding– It means bleeding at abnormal times. In this case, there is bleeding from the vagina even if it is not the expected time for menstrual periods. Some women may experience bleeding during sex or following it. Sometimes bleeding starts again after menopausal stage has been reached and passed through. Use of contraceptive pills may also trigger small bleeds during first few months.

This was all about female period problems. These are the commonly experienced period problems that may be suffered by different women at different phases of their life. The main point lies in diagnosing the same and getting apt treatment accordingly.

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