Tips to enjoy fair complexion

how-to-get-fair-skinFair complexion is a matter of great pride and pleasure for all. People of all ages and both sexes; ladies in particular intend to have beautiful facial skin that attracts the onlookers. Few persons suffer from skin problems that create hurdles in enjoying fair complexion. They are advised to follow the under mentioned tips:

  • Make a good blend of honey, cream and turmeric. Apply it on your face in even manners and enjoy good results. Those suffering from any type of skin problem are advised to make use of herbal treatments. Using erythromycin, tetracycline or other such risk-free medicines is quite useful.
  • Aloe Vera Gel is much helpful in giving sufficient relief. Add some salt or turmeric to this gel and apply the mixture on the affected part of your skin. It smooth and enchants the onlookers. Aloe Vera Gel works wonders in having attractive complexion.
  • Crush some ripe bananas and apply the paste on the face to enjoy an attractive skin.
  • Those suffering from pimples or rashes may make use of coconut water and enjoy a fair complexion.
  • Tomato pulp also helps in improving your complexion in wonderful manners.
  • Take some lemon juice, mint leaves, maida and milk. Make a good paste and apply it on your skin for getting rid of acne and other skin problems. Even application of this paste is good to enjoy fair complexion.
  • Curd also works wonders in giving cooling effects. Scrub your face with curd and enjoy pimple-free skin that is got rid of black heads and other problems.
  • Make a fine blend of besan, potato grates and Multani Mitti. Apply it on your face and see wonderful results as regards your complexion.
  • Avocado, cinnamon powder, groundnut oil, papaya pulp and rosewater also help in enjoying fair complexion that is freed from skin problems.

Following steps also help in enjoying fair complexion:

  1. Take fiber-rich diets that help in enjoying good facial skin. Fruits, green leafy vegetables, simple foods and good juices also help in getting rid of skin problems. Redness, pimples and swelling of the skin can be got rid of with their use.
  2. Taking enough water after frequent intervals helps in detoxifying the skin. Toxins and harmful elements are got rid of with this process that helps in enjoying a fair complexion.
  3. Adopting Panchkarma helps in saying NO to skin problems and enjoying fair complexion. Bathing in sea water is also beneficial in doing Panchkarma. It helps in detoxifying the skin.
  4. Acidic or spicy foods must be avoided as they aggravate the skin problems that are a danger to our complexion.
  5. Using alcohol or tobacco in excessive manners should also be prevented.

Yoga asana and simple exercises are good. Deep breathing also helps to say NO to skin problems.


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