Home Remedies for Diabeties

Home Remedies for DiabetiesDiabetes is also known as hyperglycemia. It is a metabolic disorder in which the pancreas fails to produce insulin to absorb the glucose from the blood. Diabetes cannot be cured but can be controlled by making changes in lifestyle and diet. There are two types – Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. In Type 1, the pancreas is unable to produce any amount of insulin whereas in Type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces a small quantity of insulin but the body is resistant to it. Type 1 diabetes is mainly found in children and in such cases taking insulin injections from outside is the only solution.

Here we will see some home remedies for diabeties that can help control this disorder.

Home Remedies for Diabeties

  • Bitter gourd: It has the capability to reduce the blood glucose level. It is also known by the name of bitter melon. It speeds up the metabolism of glucose in all parts of the body. It increases the secretion of insulin in pancreas and also increases the insulin resistance in the body. We can use it to treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes along with other insulin treatments prescribed by the physician. Bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach every morning is the best way to include it in the diet. Any dish made using bitter gourd should be included as well.
  • Fenugreek: it is very effective in controlling diabetes, lowering the blood sugar and also increases resistance for glucose. It is high in fiber and thus slows down the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates. We can soak two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in the water overnight and have it along with the seeds on an empty stomach early in the morning. This will surely bring down the blood sugar levels if followed the method regularly for about two months. We can also mix fenugreek powder in milk and have it every day.
  • Amla: This Indian gooseberry is rich source of vitamin C. daily intake of Amla juice can enhance the functioning of the pancreas. The juice of two or three amlas can be mixed with one cup water and had on empty stomach every morning. We must take out the seeds of the amla before making the juice. We can also couple the juice of amla and bitter gourd and have it for few months.  
  • Cinnamon: It helps in preventing and fighting diabetes. It is very effective in treating uncontrolled type-2 diabetes. We should have it in limited quantity, as there can be serious liver damage if not taken proper amount. We can mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder in one cup lukewarm water and drink it every morning. We can also boil two cinnamon sticks in water and drink that solution.
  • Mango Leaves: It is very useful in improving the blood lipid profiles. Ten to twelve mango leaves can be soaked overnight in water. Morning we can drink this water after removing the mango leaves. Dry powdered mango leaves can also be mixed in water and had twice in a day.

Benefits of Divya Madhu Nashini Vati

Divya Madhu Nashini Vati is an herbal preparation that helps in the management of diabetes. Being herbal, it has absolutely no side effects. The following are some of its benefits:-

  • It is an excellent ayurvedic medicine for people suffering from diabetes.
  • People of all age groups can have it without worries of any kind of side effects.
  • It can be taken for a long time without any worry.
  • It stimulates pancreas and improves its functioning to secrete insulin.

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