Hair Loss – The natural treatment and prevention

Hair LossLong black and shining hair is a matter of great pride for all. Those suffering from its loss are disheartened. Many of them take traditional medicines few of which sometimes result in side effects. That’s why the sufferers now switch over to herbal treatments.

Following treatments are good for treating hair loss:

  1. Ashwagandha – This natural product helps in improving the immune system that in turn fights hair loss in even manners.
  2. Amla – Popular as Indian Gooseberry; this natural herb is enriched with vitamin C. Its antioxidant features enrich the hair in good manners. A fine blend of Amla powder, brahmi powder and henna works wonders when applied on their hair.
  3. Bhringaraaja – It is another natural herb that helps in even growth of hair. Those intending to have black and long hair must make use of this herb. Problems like balding and premature graying are also got rid of with even use of Bhringaraaja.
  4. Brahmi – This is another good natural product that helps in promoting good growth of hair. Mixed with curd, it strengthens the hair and gives sufficient relief to the scalp that is affected with inflammation.
  5. Neem – Available in most parts of India; this herb is helpful in saying NO to lice and dandruff that are behind hair loss problems. It acts like a strong detoxifier for our hair that is freed from toxins and harmful elements. Mixed with curd, coconut oil and Neem powder; Neem works wonders.
  6. Ritha – The hair can be got rid of any type of dirt or other harmful substances by using Ritha that is available in the shape of nuts. Dandruff and other hair problems can be got rid of with Ritha.
  7. Natural hair can be enjoyed with apple cider vinegar and honey that work wonders.
  8. Those suffering from hair problems and its loss may make use of Coconut, Amla, Arnica, Brahmi or mustard oil that may be massaged on the scalp.

Following steps help in saying NO to deficiency of minerals and vitamins that are a must for growth of hair:

  1. Those taking alcohol or making use of tobacco must quit the same as these both aggravate hair loss.
  2. Aloe Vera Juice mixed with cumin may be used thrice a day. It helps in even growth of hair.
  3. Fresh juices of spinach, carrot, alfalfa and lettuce also work wonders in saying NO to hair loss problems.
  4. Sesame seeds help in fulfilling the deficiency of magnesium and calcium. It is suggested to take them in the mornings.
  5. Yoghurt is another product that helps in enjoying good growth of hair and prevents its loss.
  6. Nuts, sprouts, buttermilk, milk, yeast and whole grains including soya beans are good for human hair. All these products contain vitamin B-complex that is necessary for hair growth.
  7. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are also beneficial.

Taking enough water after frequent intervals in a day is good. Hair loss can be prevented by detoxifying the body and removing the toxins with water that may be taken in sufficient quantities.

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