Tips to stop and reduce hair fall

Tips-to-stop-and-reduce-haiLong black hair is a matter of great pride for all ages and both sexes & the ladies in particular. Women like to attract others with their beautiful hair. Few persons suffer from hair fall and other related problems.

Following useful tips can go a long way in stopping and reducing hair fall to much extent:

  1. Use of right comb – Use of a wide-toothed comb is good for detangling the hair. Likewise fine-toothed comb should be used for styling the hair. It reduces the risk of hair breakage and fall of hair.
  2. Avoid combing the hair when it is wet – Combing the hair while it is wet may result in breakage and fall of the hair in great numbers. Make the hair completely dry or semi-dry before combing.
  3. Avoid vigorous rubbing – Many people rub their hair with the towel in vigorous manners. This is the major cause of hair breakage. It is recommended that towel is used to soak the water from the hair instead of rubbing it.
  4. Comb-cleaning: Combs usually become dirty after few days as dirt is stuck in them while we comb the hair. Use of a good brush and soap is necessary to clean the combs in proper manners. Dirty combs may result in breakage of our hair.
  5. Hot oil treatment – This is one of the best answers to hair problems. Natural beauty of the hair can be maintained by oiling the hair with olive, coconut, jojoba, canola or sesame oil. It is recommended that the scalp is massaged well with good oil. It helps in good growth of human hair. Massage the oil with your fingers in easy manners.
  6. Use of shampoos is also good. But use good quality shampoos that do not contain any toxins or harmful elements as they may result in breakage or fall of hair.
  7. Using hair cleanser – Washing the hair at least once in three days is good. Make use of good hair cleanser that helps in good growth of hair. It is useful in removing dust, oil, dirt or bacterial build up in the hair. Unclean hair and scalp are the reasons behind our hair fall and its breakage.
  8. Avoid using chemical treatments or excessive blow drying the hair. Likewise ironing and coloring the hair is also a problem for the hair to break or fall.
  9. Hair fall occurs because of tight ponytails, braids, pigtails that are used on regular basis. Likewise rubber bands and elastics also result in this problem. Avoid using the same.
  10. Hair fall can be checked by taking natural juices.
  11. Healthy diets also help in controlling hair fall in a big way. Nutritional deficiencies can be made good with vitamins and minerals. Iron rich foods are good. Avoiding alcohol and tobacco is also beneficial for checking hair fall to great extent.

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