Divya Dant Manjan (Tooth Powder); 100 grams

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There are numerous dental or oral problems that may make anyone worry and keep him/her awake at nights. It is due to the pain and inflammation experienced in the dental parts by those who suffer from the same. At the same time, it is also true that dental problems have an adverse effect on the entire body health due to deep link amid oral parts and the digestive system. But there is no need to worry as Divya Dant Manjan which is a wonderful herbal tooth powder from the Divya or Patanjali pharmacy of Swami Ramdev Ji is apt in treatment and prevention of numerous dental or oral problems faced by people in routine life. It helps in promoting good health of the oral or dental parts which in turn assures that no health issues relevant to the teeth may arise.  

Preparation of Divya Dant Manjan

This herbal tooth powder has been chiefly prepared from herbal or natural ingredients only. The chief constituents contained in this herbal preparation include Babbula, root of Akarakarabha (Akarakara),Neem, Bakula (Maulasiri), Tumburu, Pippali (of small size), Mayaphala (Majuphal), Lavanga, black-salt, rock-salt, Sphatika Bhasma, Karpura or Camphor (native), pepper-mint, etc.

Uses of Divya Dant Manjan

  1. Divya Dant Manjan helps in promoting and supporting normal functions relevant to oral parts. It helps in keeping teeth and gums properly nourished so that these may keep on working with maximum efficiency.
  2. The roots of teeth and gums are strengthened with the regular use of this herbal tooth powder. This in turn prevents decay and falling of teeth.
  3. Bleeding from the gums that may be caused due to any reasons is also stopped and prevented. This action helps in offering great relief to the sufferer.
  4. Toothache which may be triggered due to any reasons is also tackled efficiently with the help of Divya Dant Manjan. It helps in soothing down the pain in teeth and hence allows the sufferer to relax.
  5. People suffering from bad smell or foul smell coming from the mouth are also benefitted as it helps in killing bacteria which are mainly responsible for causing bad mouth smell. It acts as a very good mouth freshener.
  6. Staining on teeth which is caused due to tobacco chewing or smoking is also done away with due to regular and proper use of Divya Dant Manjan. It gives you shining white teeth and a great smile.  
  7. Pus coming out of gums is also treated well with the help of Divya Dant Manjan. It stops discharge of pus and at the same time prevents its recurrence in future.
  8. Pyorrhea which is also a dental problem commonly suffered by people is managed well using Divya Dant Manjan.

How to use Divya Dant Manjan?

Well, it is very easy to use this herbal tooth powder. You just need to massage or rub this tooth powder on your teeth and gums with the help of soft toothbrush. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Use it twice in a day and get rid of all oral or dental problems.


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