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Divya Ashwagandha Churna (for Stress, Fatigue and General Health); 100 grams

Divya Ashwagandha churna which is also called as winter cherry or Indian ginseng is an apt solution for those who wish to get rid of stress, tension, general body weakness, fatigue, tiredness and exhaustion more often. It is beneficial for both physical and mental aspect of human body. It helps in re-energizing the entire body so as to cure the problem of general body weakness and exhaustion. All the body cells are stimulated to perform their respective functions well due to apt nutrition provided to them with the help of this wonderful herbal preparation that has been prepared and presented by the Divya or Pataanjali pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji. It is helpful in promoting normal and optimal functions of the human body so as to promote overall or general body health.

Preparation of Divya Ashwagandha churna

As the name implies, Winter cherry or Ashwagandha is the chief active ingredient in this herbal formula. Apart from this, Vidhara as well as other natural ingredients are also used in the preparation of Divya Ashwagandha churna.

Chief benefits of using Divya Ashwagandha churna

  1. Divya Ashwagandha churna is known to be a great stress reliever. It is due to the reason that the herbs or natural ingredients present in it are rich in such properties that aid in relieving stress and have a positive impact on the brain.
  2. People suffering from general body weakness may also get benefitted by using this herbal preparation as it helps in rejuvenating the entire body. Consequently, problem of tiredness and exhaustion is also dealt with automatically.
  3. Divya Ashwagandha churna is in fact a great tonic for the entire body. It helps in supplying all the essential nutrients required for normal body functions which in turn support good health naturally.
  4. All the body parts and organs are strengthened with the help of Divya Ashwagandha churna provided it is used on regular basis under the guidance of medical experts.
  5. Divya Ashwagandha churna is good remedy for brain disorders as well. It aids in improving memory and concentration to great extent which in turn helps in improving overall functions and efficiency of the brain. Even certain mental disorders including stress, depression, Parkinson’s diseases or Alzheimer’s disease are also effectively using this wonderful herbal preparation.
  6. Immune system which is perhaps one of the most important systems relevant to human body is also made to function normally with the help of Divya Ashwagandha churna. It helps in improving overall body immunity so that the body may be protected against various infectious diseases.
  7. Divya Ashwagandha churna is especially beneficial for elderly who suffer from the problem of dementia. It helps in retaining normal memory even in old age owing to wonderful herbs present in this herbal preparation.
  1. Divya Ashwagandha churna is totally safe as it doesn’t cause any health hazards or side-effects on the body. Presence of only herbal ingredients in this herbal preparation makes it totally safe to be used by anyone.

Mode of using Divya Ashwagandha churna

People suffering from various health issues may take one teaspoon of Divya Ashwagandha churna twice in a day along with warm water or milk.


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