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Divya Amla Churna (for Eyes, Digestion and General Health); 100 grams

Divya Amla Churna is a wonderful product and is presented by the renowned pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji. It has been prepared from the pure Amla found in nature. Guidance of medical experts has been solicited so as to get an amazing remedy for multiple problems relevant to human body. These may include digestive system, eyes, skin, hairs and almost all the body parts and organs. Health benefits of amla are not hidden from anyone. That is the reason it is being used in its original form as well to cure multiple diseases or disorders relevant to human body. It is loaded with Vitamin C that helps in supporting overall health of human body in a safe and effective way.

How is Divya Amla Churna prepared?

Divya Amla Churna has been mainly prepared from Amla or what is called as Phyllanthus emblica in botanical science or medical science. Various clinical processes are used to get the final product.

How is Divya Amla Churna beneficial for human body?

  • Divya Amla Churna helps in supplying abundance of Vitamin C to the entire body which in turn normalizes and regulates different types of body functions in an apt manner. Diseases or disorders that arise in the body due to deficiency of this vitamin in the body are also cured and managed automatically.
  • Divya Amla Churna helps in curing various digestive disorders as it aids in normal and proper digestion of all the foods consumed by the body. Functions of the entire digestive system are regulated with the help of this ayurvedic remedy. Various digestive problems that are experienced commonly in routine life such as acidity, constipation, heart burn etc. are also relieved effectively with the help of this wonderful preparation.
  • Divya Amla Churna helps in improving vision and maintaining the same even for long time periods. Elderly people who complain of dim vision are especially benefitted with the use of this amazing herbal preparation.
  • Divya Amla Churna is equally good for hairs as it promotes healthy hair growth. People who suffer from the problem of hair loss or hair fall or even premature graying of hairs are also benefitted using this herbal preparation.
  • Skin ailments such as allergies, infections, itching, irritation, inflammation etc. also cured well with the help of Divya Amla Churna. It helps in proper nurturing of the skin cells which in turn assures their good health in a natural way.
  • The entire body is detoxified with the help of Divya Amla Churna which in turn promotes its general health as all the wastes or other harmful toxins are removed from it completely.
  • Divya Amla Churna helps in delaying the process of ageing owing to anti-ageing properties present in it.
  • Divya Amla Churna is very good for the immune system as well. It improves natural body immunity which in turn keeps body protected against various diseases or disorders relevant to human body.

How to use Divya Amla Churna?

It is very simple to take Divya Amla Churna. You just have to take a teaspoon of this churna along with warm water before going to bed.


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