Bloating, Gas Trouble

Bloating or gas trouble may be referred to as the particular condition wherein one feels from heavy, tight and full stomach. This occurs because of accumulation of gas in the small intestine. Persons suffering from this problem usually complain of cramps, pain, breathlessness, diarrhea and lower back pain. Bloating is caused due to constipation, buildup of gas, anxiety, peptic ulcers, anorexia, smoking, air, retention of water, indigestion, overeating, PMS, IBS and menopause. Known as gas, farting, breaking wind, flatulence or air attack; this problem can be got rid of by taking the traditional medicines. Buy Health Package Buy Health Packages

Following home remedies are much helpful in tackling the problem:  

  1. Anise Seed – This anti-spasmodic herb is useful in relaxing the digestive system and getting rid of cramping. Persons suffering from this disorder must try this herb that helps to remove gas and get relief from bloating.
  2. Chamomile tea – Enriched with the anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory features; this tea works wonders to say NO to bloating and abdomen gas. Patients suffering from heart burn are also relieved with its use. Adding some lemon juice to this tea gives excellent results.
  3. Caraway Seeds – The carminative and antimicrobial features and contents of two chemicals, i.e. carvene and carvol in these seeds provide soothing effects to the digestive track and its muscle tissues. Instant relief is experienced by the patients who are able to get rid of gas by chewing these seeds. Tea prepared by crushing the seeds also gives good results.
  4. Fennel Seeds – The anti-microbial, pain-reducing, diuretic and carminative features of these seeds help to keep bloating and gas at bay. The muscle spasms in the digestive system are relaxed.
  5. Ginger – Contents of shogaols, gingerols and pungent compounds in ginger are helpful to reduce gas and bloating in the stomach. Intestines and intestinal muscles are relieved from inflammation. Prepare a solution by boiling ginger slices; add some lemon juice and honey. Take it frequently to say NO bloating and gas. Raw ginger also gives sufficient relief.
  6. Peppermint – Menthol oil in this product acts like a strong anti-spasmodic and helps to relieve the patients from bloating. Flatulence is also got rid of with Peppermint. Its leaves may be chewed and peppermint tea also gives quick relief.
  7. Pumpkin – Bloating and unwanted flatulence can be got rid of by eating pumpkin. Enriched with vitamin A, fiber and potassium; this herb helps to say NO to this disorder. Pumpkin may be added to your daily diets.
  8. Warm Lemon Water – Production of hydrochloric acid is stimulated with lemon that is helpful to break down the food. Lemon water gives sufficient relief from gas and bloating. One is able to digest the food in easily. Mixture of warm water with lemon juice helps to detoxify the system and remove the toxins.

People suffering from gas trouble and bloating must involve themselves in physical activities that help to keep the body fit. Food must be taken in smaller quantities and chewed thoroughly.  Fiber-rich food is good while the spicy or junk food should be avoided.

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