Amenorrhea Treatment and Home Remedies

Ladies should note down the menstrual cycle changes and keep a detailed record with starting date, its duration or any problems. This may be helpful for the doctor to diagnose and treat the disorder.

Stri Rasayan Vati

Treatment – Candidly, treating amenorrhea requires assessment of its exact cause that is done with the help of the above mentioned checks by the doctor. He or she may advise the patients to have contraceptive pills that can be helpful to restart the menstrual cycles. Hormone therapies can also treat this disorder to certain extent. Ladies who suffer from this disease due to thyroid or pituitary disorder may be advised to take suitable medicines. Surgery may also become necessary if Amenorrhea has been caused due to structural blockage or tumor. Radiation therapy may be necessitated to treat this disease that is caused by tumors.

Home Remedies – Home remedies and lifestyle changes also work wonders for the ladies that suffer from this disease. They are advised to avoid forceful exercises. Any work should be accomplished in a balanced manner. Recreation and rest are also necessary for them.  They should stop taking any stress and not involve in any type of conflicts.

Following home remedies may also give good relief from this problem.

  1. Using saffron after adding it to boiled water gives excellent results. Having it thrice a day is much useful for the concerned ladies. A powerful antioxidant, saffron is able to treat inflammatory conditions and decrease stress that leads to amenorrhea.
  2. Blood circulation and amenorrhea can be treated well by taking tomato juice.
  3. Ovulation can be improved with sesame seeds, papaya, ginger and bitter gourd that increase the body temperature and help in having regular periods. Use of spices like fennel, black pepper and cinnamon are also good for the suffering females.
  4. Raw beetroot or its juice is one of the best remedies for Amenorrhea
  5. Celery seeds contain butylidene-phthalide that acts like a strong stimulant to have regular periods.
  6. Herbs including angelica root, chamomile, false unicorn root and blue cohosh etc also give good results.
  7. Amenorrhea can be treated well with an infusion of stinging nettle leaf by using it regularly.
  8. Pennyroyal also stimulates the reproductive system and helps in having regular periods. It may be taken as a tea.
  9. Taking cinnamon by mixing it into glass of milk helps to instigate weight loss that is good to enjoy regular menstruation.
  10. Iron-rich foods are good for the concerned ladies that should avoid fatty or junk foods. Underweight ladies should include protein in their foods.
  11. Regular intake of vitamins and mineral supplements is necessary.
  12. Gluten-free diets help to prevent menstrual irregularities.
  13. Massaging with essential oils on daily basis also helps to prevent Amenorrhea.

Women suffering from Amenorrhea can be treated in effective manners if they stick to the above mentioned treatments and home-remedies.

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