Get rid of Chronic Cough with these natural remedies

Get-rid-of-Chronic-CoughConstant coughing may lead to complications if not treated in time. It may be uncomfortable and cause annoyance. Your sleep may be disturbed. Persons taking the conventional types of medicines from cough may fall victim to side effects.

Following treatments may be effective in giving relief:

  • Expectorants – Over-the-counter, OTC cough medicines may work wonders. They help in clearance of the mucus and other secretions and make breathing much easier.
  • Cough Suppressant – Contents of dextromethorphan in these suppressants provide much relief from hacking or dry cough.
  • Green tea – Hot soothing green tea acts like a strong fighter to kill cough. It is useful in suppressing the upper respiratory infection.
  • Hydration – Those suffering from chronic cough must remain hydrated at all times. It helps in thinning the mucus and fighting infection. Water and chicken soup is good.
  • Sucking lozenges – These beneficial cough drops help in soothing a scratch and dry throat. They are useful in reducing cough and its ill effects. Dry cough can be got rid of with a hard candy.
  • Honey – This wonderful home remedy has been tried since centuries and proves much helpful in giving relief to patients of all ages and both sexes. Coughing at night can be soothed to great extent.
  • Vaporizer – A humidifier or a vaporizer is helpful in moisturizing the air to great extent. The airway passages can be moisturized in great manners with vaporizer that is much helpful to say NO to cough.
  • Elevating head while resting – Coughing from post-nasal drip can be reduced by elevating your head while sleeping. It is useful in saying NO to GERD that is responsible for coughing.
  • Vapor rubs – The nasal passages can be cleared with the menthol-scented balm. It works wonders in giving sufficient relief.
  • Nighttime cough formula – This formula involves versions of both expectorants and cough suppressants including an antihistamine that helps in stopping coughing to great extent. You feel much better in the mornings after adopting this method in the night.
  • Coffee – Taking hot coffee in moderate manners is good for the persons that suffer from coughing and its ill effects. But excessive use may be prevented.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol can also work well if it is taken in considerable manners. Excessive use should however be avoided as it results in complications.
  • Staying away from pollution is good.
  • Smoking is not good as it aggravates coughing.
  • Hot water baths may also provide sufficient relief from coughing. Water should be lukewarm and not too hot as it may cause complications.
  • Over-the-counter medications are also good for the patients that suffer from cough and its ill effects.
  • Herbal treatments also work wonders in giving sufficient relief from cough. They do not produce any side effects like the traditional medicines.

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