Everything you should know about Cataract

cataractA cataract may be referred to as a clouding of the lens of the eyes that may impair the vision. Millions of people across the globe suffer from this eye-problem.

Symptoms – Following are the usual signs of cataracts:

  1. Blurred, cloudy, filmy or foggy vision.
  2. Progressive nearsightedness in the aged people. It is known as second sight too.
  3. Changes in the way when the patient sees the color as the discolored lens acts like a filer.
  4. Problems in driving at night including glare from oncoming headlights.
  5. Problematic glare during the day.
  6. Double vision when looking through the eye with a cataract like a superimposed image.
  7. Instant and sudden changes in the glasses prescription.

Causes – Build up of protein in the lens makes it cloudy and it results in cataracts. It creates hurdles for the light to pass clearly through the lens and creating complications. Those suffering from this problem get harmed in the shape of reduced eye vision. New cells forming on the outside of the lens result in compacting of the old cells into the center of the lens and leading to cataract.
Air pollution may also cause cataract. Likewise smoking may also be behind this problem. Excessive intake of alcohol is also responsible for this disease.

Types of Cataracts

Congenital cataracts – These are the cataracts that usually affect the new born babies. It occurs due to injury, infection or poor development of the babies before their birth.
Age-related cataracts – This type of cataract is the result of old age.
Secondary Cataracts – Physical disorders like exposure to toxins, diabetes or certain drugs may result in this type of cataract. Diuretics or corticosteroids may also be the causes of such cataracts.
Traumatic cataracts – Such cataracts are the result of injuries to the eyes.

Treatment – Surgery may be prevented by correcting your vision to an acceptable level with a change in eyeglasses including contacts or bifocals.
Cataract surgery may be needed that involves removing the clouded lens and replacing the same with a clear artificial one. Surgery helps in restoring the vision. Large numbers of patients across the globe undergo surgery.

Prevention of cataract

Though it may not be possible for anyone to prevent this disease yet certain steps may be beneficial for the same. One should get the eyes examined on regular basis to prevent this problem. Taking the medicine in time is good for keeping the eye problems at great distance. The eye doctor must be seen at least every two years by the young people and the old ones at least once during twelve months.

People suffering from eye problems must take green leafy vegetables and fresh juices. Staying away from smoking and excessive drinks is a must. Simple exercises and yoga asana are also good for the persons that suffer from eye problems including cataract.

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