Safed Musli Churna (for Strength, Stamina and PE)

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Enriched with the rejuvenating, cooling, aphrodisiac and energetic properties, this wonderful powdered medicine works wonders in promoting our immune system. Males suffering from reproductive system disorders must try this Churn. It helps in improving low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. Those suffering from premature ejaculation or weakened sexual drive must make use of this Churn.

Swet Musli Churn is helpful in promoting men’s arousal. It helps in improving their erection. It is considered as an alternative for Viagra. Seminal and infertility problems in the men are cured in even manners with regular use of this wonderful medicinal powder.

Dosage – Five grams of this churn is the recommended dose that may be taken with lukewarm milk twice a day.

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1 review for Safed Musli Churna (for Strength, Stamina and PE)

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