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Divya Rajat Bhasm that is a wonderful presentation by the Patanjali pharmacy of Baba Ramdev Ji is helpful in curing multiple diseases related to the human body. It is equally effective in case of common as well as serious health issues. It helps in maintaining normal balance amid three doshas of the body so that the entire body may keep on functioning normally.


  1. Common as well as chronic coughing can be treated in an effective manner. It clears away mucus so as to facilitate the breathing process.
  2. The entire muscular system is strengthened so that it may keep on working with maximum efficiency.
  3. Apt amount of iron is supplied to the body so as to treat as well as prevent the problem of anaemia.
  4. Digestive system is ensured of its normal and most optimal functions.
  5. It helps in relieving stress, tension and depression to support normal mental activity and functions.

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