Patanjali Pushtahar Dalia-500gm


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The health benefits of Dalia are known to all. That is why large numbers of people incorporate Dalia in their regular diet. It is because Dalia helps in keeping digestive system in good health and proper working order. Keeping in mind the same fact, Patanjali store of Baba Ramdev Ji has prepared and presented Patanjali Pushtahar Dalia.

Key features

a. Patanjali Pushtahar Dalia incorporates all the essential nutrients required by the human body. Hence it supports overall good health of the body naturally.
b. It is light and hence easily digestible by all.
c. It is very much delicious and hence liked by all.
d. It is rich in fibre content that is quite important for the digestive system.
e. It regulates bowel movements.

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