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Divya Amalki Rasayan (amla) – for constipation, acidity and other digestion problems



Product Description

As the name suggests; this wonderful ayurvedic formulation is prepared from Aawla as the major ingredient. This medicine helps to rejuvenate the entire body in even manners. Rich contents of vitamin C and other minerals in this Rasayan help to improve our immune system and flow of blood throughout the entire body.

Reproductive fluids and ojas are improved in a big way with this wonderful herbal formulation that helps in treating hyperacidity and ulcers to much extent. Those suffering from hair problems, reduced eye vision, general fatigue, constipation or acidity must try this Rasayan.

Available in bottle packing; Aawlaki Rasayan may be taken twice a day. Recommended dose is two or three grams.

Additional Information

No. of Bottles

1, 2, 3


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