Different methods and medications to treat Athletes Foot

Athletes-FootSelf-care methods and antifungal treatments work wonders in getting rid of Athletes Foot that creates lots of problems. Available in the form of tablet form; the antifungal medications are good for the patients. Untreated athletes foot may cause various complications and the disease may spread to other parts of the body including palms of the hands.

Antifungal medication

Fungi that causes infection is killed by the antifungal medicines. Available in varied forms; these medications include sprays, creams, powders, liquids and tablets etc. Topical antifungal medicines are available without any prescription. Specific types of these medicines include miconazole, terbinafine, sulconazole, ketoconazole, econazole and clotrimazole etc.

Patients may take oral antifungal medicines like terbinafine, itraconazole or griseofulvin. The antifungal medications may result in liver inflammation to certain people that are susceptible. The tablet form of antifungal treatments is suggested for treating severe cases of the disease or when topical ones have not worked. Toenail infections are also treated well with these medicines.

The rash may get cleared up in fast matters. But it is no sign of the infection having been eliminated fully. As such the medicine may be continued for one to two weeks after the symptoms have disappeared so that the infection is treated in full.

Care – Doctor may be consulted for taking antifungal tablets as they do not suit the children or aged persons. As such the information leaflet may be checked. Different doses may be required for different ages and children. Some treatments including the antifungal ones may interfere with pregnancy and the reproductive system of both sexes.

Usage – The antifungal medication may be applied directly to the rash and the adjoining areas on the skin. The affected area must be dried up completely before applying the medicine. Hands must be washed in even manners before and after applying the treatment. The medicine may be applied till you get complete relief.

Hydrocortisone Treatment

Antifungal treatment containing hydrocortisone is good when the athlete’s foot is causing sore and inflammation to your skin. The quantum of hydrocortisone may depend upon the condition of the patient. Contents of hydrocortisone help in reducing inflammation and ease irritation or itching. It is better to consult the physician as prolonged use of hydrocortisone may lead to side effects.

Following home remedies can be much helpful:

  1. Soap and water may be used to wash the feet in proper manners.
  2. Feet must be dried up completely after washing. Areas between the toes are the most sensitive and need more attention.
  3. Clean cotton socks must be worn. Use of synthetics may be avoided.
  4. Socks and shoes must be changed and cleaned in even manners to keep the feet dry.
  5. Towels must not be shared. Your towels must be washed in regular manners.

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