Amla: The herb with various benefits and uses

indian-gooseberry-amlaAmla, an herb that is known as Indian gooseberry (because the shape of its fruit) is a well known tree that is full of nutrients. Amla has been an herb that is used in wide spectrum medicines and even as grocery product due to its vast application. It is a known fact that amla is a rich source of Vitamin C, iron, as well as calcium. In Indian sub continent, this medicinal fruit finds more than 1000 types of preparation in medicinal as well as kitchen use.

Keep reading to know more about amla and its Benefits

  1. Antioxidants – since ages it is known for its antioxidants effects. It is helpful in killing the free radicals that are responsible for aging process of the body and is also known to enhance oxygen supplies to the vital organs.
  2. Antiseptic natures – Amla is said to be an antiseptic herb in nature It helps in enhancing or boosting the immunity system of the body thus restricts any sort of infection penetration in our body. It is known to improve fighting power of the body against various diseases especially respiratory tract.
  3. Great cardiac tonic – Amla has been known since centuries for its powerful benefits in heart and cardiac system. Owing to its cool nature, it has lots of benefits in fighting against hear and its related ailments including blood pressure.
  4. Kidamla-gooseberry-benefitsney supporter – Amla is extremely beneficial in improving kidney functions and acts as a diuretic agent. It helps in elimination of toxins via urine. It is also helpful in cooling down the body thus maintaining normal body temperature. It is also beneficial in kidney stones other related problems of kidneys.
  5. Weight loss – Amla helps in reducing fats in the body and thus reduces weight. This is owing to its property that helps in increasing the metabolism. It is also helpful in improving the digestive activities and cell functioning.
  6. Blood sugar regulator – Amla is a great blood sugar regulator as it has good effects on pancreas. Pancreas is an organ that helps in regulation of blood sugar via insulin.
  7. Provides fiber for digestion – Amla is a rich source of digestive fiber. It is known to have a great effect on the body. Fibers eases out the digestion activity and is also needed for evacuation of toxins as well through fecal matter.
  8. Gall bladder stones – amla is said to be helpful in reducing the gall bladder stones. It is helpful in improving digestion and removing of toxins and thus is helpful in restricting the stone formation.

Hence by reading above article we can gage that how beneficial amla is for our body. It is recommended to all and has no side effects.

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